Best 20 Christening Wishes

Happy christening, congratulations on having God send his angels for your child.

I wish you all the blessings from God as you christen your child today!

God’s love is encompassing and I know that He will always keep an eye on your kid.

This is your privilege, to raise your child in the Christian way, best wishes to you!

Congratulations! Your baby is now a part of the Christian world, may he be happy.

I hope that this occasion will be filled with love and memories that you will cherish.

Happy baptism, now your child is truly blessed by the Lord as he accepts Him.

Happy christening, congratulations on having God send his angels for your child.

Today your child will finally enter the reign of the Lord, congratulations to you!

I know today is also special for you so I’m wishing both of you the best in everything!

This baptism will truly bind the two of you together, your child and you in spirit.

Your child’s spiritual journey has just began, may you keep guiding him from now on.

The Lord’s grace and love will be with you from this day of your christening, onwards.

May your child be enveloped in God’s love and may He always show you the way.

Welcome to the Christian world, may the Lord always reign inside your heart, baby.

Congratulations on entering the Christian world, may the Holy spirit guide you.

Your baby’s life has been touched by God, I know he will be alright in this life.

Your baby is a blessing and this day signifies her entry to the Christian world!

I hope that you will find peace knowing your child will be in God’s capable hands.

May you keep teaching your child on the way Christians live their lives, congrats!

Happy Christening, may you keep your faith on the Lord and live His words.

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